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Key Reasons to Buy Angus Cattle for Sale from a Reputable Ranch

The feeder cattle that you buy each spring is critical to your ability to turn a profit as a livestock rancher. You want the calves that you buy to be healthy and capable of giving you a good return on your investment in them.

Rather than buy your calves from a livestock auction, you can go directly to the source to buy Angus cattle for sale. These reasons can convince you to get your feeder calves from a reputable ranch today.

Proven Genetics
When you buy cattle from an auction, it is true that you might pay a lower price per head. However, you have no way of knowing from what kinds of genetics that the calves come. You cannot see firsthand their sire.

When you buy directly from a livestock supplier, you can see the calves’ genetic line in person. You can take into consideration the weight and bulk of the sire as well as the genetics of full-grown heifers and steers who have come from that line. You can see for yourself how well that your own calves may grow.

The ranch from which you buy the Angus cattle for sale from can deliver them directly to your farm or ranch. You can buy several hundred head to meet your production goals this season. You also have the reasonable assurance that your livestock will grow into healthy steers that you can sell at market.



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