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Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Space With Patio, Deck, And Yard Lighting

Having outdoor living space in your yard is a perfect way to enjoy the year-round beauty of living in Asheville, NC. Adding the correct type of patio, deck, and yard lighting adds to the ability to enjoy time outdoors while also increasing security for your property.

When choosing outdoor Patio, Deck, And Yard Lighting In Asheville, NC there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind. The most common mistakes made with outdoor lighting are a result of rushing to start the project without thinking through the options and how the various lighting features work together in your space.

Different Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting plays many roles, including visibility, security, and adding ambience to the space. These roles or functions are different based on the location of the lighting in the yard.

For example, lighting along paths needs to be bright enough to add visibility for safety and ease of traffic flow. At the same time, the light should not be glaring or harsh. It should be soft and create pools of light that form visible boundaries around the areas.

Patio and deck lights, on the other hand, are often brighter to increase visibility for entertaining and increased visibility. These lights can be overhead lighting over cooking and entertainment areas, or under-railing lights to add to the atmosphere and visibility. Stair lights are also important for visibility and safety.

Creating a Flow

Another essential consideration for your Asheville, NC, property is how the patio, deck, and yard lighting flow together to create just the right look. Matching the right type of lighting from accent lights to pathway lights creates a beautiful outdoor space in the front and back yard.



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