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Making Your Dream Pool a Reality

There’s nothing more exciting than the first scoop of earth that begins the process of building your new pool. However, homeowners know it takes a lot of work to get to that point. Everything, from the size to the shape of the pool, needs to be considered, along with landscaping and cost. No doubt, a pool is a big investment and it’s important to get it right.

Choosing a Pool Builder

When you’re seeking a custom pool builder in Huntington Beach, CA, the most important step you will take is selecting a reputable, reliable builder. The most common mistake homeowners make is asking for references first. Instead, experts in the field recommend your first question should be, ‘How many pools did you build last year?’ When you follow up with a request for his references for the last 12 months, you’ll get an idea of how many people were happy with his work. For example, if your potential builder says he built 20 pools last year but his reference list only contains 10 names, that’s revealing. Is his success rate only 50 percent?

Beware of dodgy builders who claim they can’t release customers’ names due to privacy concerns. If a builder is really proud of his work, he will take the time to contact those customers and politely ask if you could connect with them or perhaps visit their pool.

It’s also useful to know if your custom pool builder is a member of any professional trade organizations. Many custom pool builders in Huntington Beach are. It’s also important to know if he is insured against accidents or injuries while working on your pool.

If there is anything about a builder that makes you feel uncomfortable, walk away. This applies even to those who have good references.

Getting What You Want

Custom pool builders in Huntington Beach know their clients have high expectations and work hard to meet them. If you have an unusual plan for your project, don’t let your builder talk you out of it. A truly creative and competent builder can adapt his templates to meet the challenges of your terrain, lot size and imagination.

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