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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Replacement Windows

Choosing to upgrade to new windows in your Windsor home is a great decision as a stand-alone improvement or as part of a full exterior home renovation. Working with a top company with experience in exterior renovations is a great way to ensure you find the siding, doors and replacement windows for your home. In the Windsor area, one of the best companies to work with is Northwest Exteriors. With extensive experience and expertise, they can assist in the selection of the best replacement windows as well as siding and doors. They can also complete patio covers customized to your home, and also install solar systems to save you money. They can also help you to avoid the following common mistakes people make when choosing new home windows. Choosing on Price While there is always a budget for any home renovation, cutting corners by choosing cheap replacement windows is never a good option. These windows are typically made with lower quality materials, which means they do not stand up over time. Good quality is more important than saving a few dollars. Quality windows can last for the life of the home, so it is well worth the investment. Not Considering Maintenance There are extremely low maintenance windows on the market today. These types of windows typically have frames that are made of vinyl or other types of materials that do not require painting or excessive maintenance. All types of windows benefit from annual cleaning, but they do not require painting or staining to keep looking bright and fresh. Wood window frames do require maintenance in the form of painting or staining. New options in paints and stains make this less demanding, but this may be a consideration for a homeowner. Window Style The window style includes how the window opens or if it opens at all. Common options in windows that open include casement, single hung, double hung and slider windows. Picture windows and geometric accent windows are also great additions to any home, but they are typically not designed to open, so they are more of an aesthetic element to the home. To learn more about the replacement windows offered by Northwest Exteriors for homes in the Windsor area, visit our website. We are easy to find at northwestexteriors.com/replacement-windows-santa-rosa-ca.


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