Online Tools That Can Help Nevada Residents Learn From Past Atrocities

Learning from the past is essential if people in the modern world want justice. Consider the example of the Holocaust. Prejudice, racism, and hatred led to the death of more than six million people. Thankfully, there are people and organizations that are working hard to make sure that those who died during the Holocaust are not forgotten and that hatred does not prevail.

Ben Lesser is a Holocaust survivor. He has created a teaching tool that is unique. It has eight lessons that include historical photographs, videos, personal anecdotes, and timelines. The goal is to teach students about the Holocaust and see the lessons that can be learned. It is only through education that injustice, hatred, and racism can be addressed. This unique curriculum offers a rare first-hand perspective from Ben Lesser.

He is a successful entrepreneur who has used his entire life to educate others on the atrocities that happened during the Holocaust. He is also an accomplished public speaker. He tells the story of his liberation from the Dachau concentration camp in 1945. After surviving the camp, he was reunited with only one family member who survived the Holocaust.

Multiple platforms are used to share the life story of Ben Lesser. Tools are provided through the organization he founded to teach others about building a better future and learning from tragedies in the past.

Learn how offers free resources and an interactive teaching tool based on the genocide of European Jews during World War II by visiting the following website



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