Restoring and Repairing Your Stringed Instruments in the Atlanta Area

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Violin Shops

A stringed instrument is not only a musical tool but also an object of beauty. Over years of use, it will require maintenance and care. Even more work is needed for special cases, like quality instruments from antique stores and older instruments that have been abandoned over the years. When stringed instruments need to be repaired or restored, it pays to take them to not just any specialist, but a specialist with long history and pedigree in servicing them.

Whether you require violin, viola, cello or bass restoration in Atlanta, GA, you will want expert attention to detail. High-quality replacement parts and finishes should be standard and disclosed to you as the owner. Preferably, you will want to have your instruments serviced by a company or specialist who is well-known and respected in the local music community for their work with a large number of musicians, both students and professionals. In many cases, specialists have not only a long history of servicing instruments but also a family history of specializing in the trade, with generational and historical knowledge passed down for even more expert care. Whenever possible, you will want to seek out these specialists, as their work will be not only of the highest quality but also of the most longevity.

If you are interested in violin or bass purchases, rentals or bass restoration in Atlanta, GA, and would like more information, please contact Ronald Sachs Violins online at or by phone at (678) 585-6097.

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