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Plan Carefully With Custom Homes Builder In Charlotte NC for the Perfect Home Exterior

Remember that, when building a home, the comfort and beauty of the final project relies a lot on the exterior of the home. There is much more to think about than just the type of siding and the color. Here are four suggestions to consider when meeting with Custom Homes Builder In Charlotte NC.

Maximize Curb Appeal

Know what the home will look like as people pass by the house. Consider the layout of the front windows, the entry door, and the angle of the house on the lot. Position the house so it is possible to create an attractive front garden and walkway to the entrance.

Welcome All Guests

Make it easy for guests to determine where they are supposed to enter. Many homes have more than one front-facing door, and they often have another near the driveway. The main entrance should have adequate lighting and a grand appearance that makes it the obvious place for people to approach. Design the entry so it is safe and accessible. Avoid steep walkways and narrow staircases.

Consider the Windows

Windows provide value because they bring in natural light, but the view they reveal is just as important. Position windows in the home to frame attractive natural features of the property. If one direction of the home has a less attractive view, consider adding frosted windows or hanging them higher than normal. They will still let in light without exposing everyone to a less-than-perfect view.

Design for Lifestyle

Plan carefully if the home is to be the setting for many family barbecues and large gatherings. Make certain the backyard is easy to access from the kitchen so it is simple to bring refreshments back and forth. Consider including a small bathroom close to the back door to prevent visitors from tracking grass and dirt throughout the house. Add a laundry room near the back if a clothesline is desired. Avid gardeners should include an area within the house or the garage with direct access to their tools and supplies from the area of the yard where the garden will be installed.

Custom Homes Builder In Charlotte NC have numerous floor plans and ideas to help their clients create the home that will suit all their needs. Talk to them about how the house will be used. Contact Mills Eloge Homes to begin creating a home that is perfect inside and out. You can also follow them on Facebook for latest news and update!



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