Pool Cleaning Services in Santa Rosa CA

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a lot of fun and a lot of work. Regular pool maintenance is required to keep the water sparkling clean and balance the chemicals.

Chemicals that are not in the pool will cause the water to appear cloudy or dirty. It can also cause serious damage to the pool equipment. Pool Chemical S balanced ervice is a licensed pool service company that provides carefree pool Cleaning services in Santa Rosa CA. They know the importance of balanced chemicals and maintaining pool equipment.

Their qualified pool cleaners will test the pool chemicals and adjust them as needed. A pool cleaning service will also scoop out all debris that has fallen in the pool such as leaves, acorns, or other items. Periodically, the service will clean the steps leading into the pool.

One major advantage of hiring a pool cleaning service is their ability to troubleshoot any issues pertaining to the pool pump, Polaris, multi-port valves, and pool control panel. A pool cleaning service will also backwash the pump to prevent the pump filter from clogging up and burning out the pool motor? Neglecting any of these maintenance items can be very expensive to correct if they break.

Most pool maintenance companies will also offer an end-of-the-swimming-year promotion to prepare pools for the winter months. They will also offer some type of spring-opening special to prepare your pool after sitting all winter for summer fun. These services are necessary to balance pool chemicals to ensure the pool water does not irritate the eyes and skin of the swimmers.

Many times, a pool that has been neglected can be cleaned by professional without having to drain the entire pool.

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