Pro Tips From Tile Flooring Installers in Bremerton WA

Ceramic tile is a beautiful and almost maintenance-free flooring material that some homeowners are able to install on their own. Tiling a floor is an ambitious DIY project that can leave you with a great feeling of accomplishment. However, it’s also a project that can turn out to be more complicated than it seems. The following are some pro tips from Tile Flooring Installers in Bremerton WA to help you get the best possible results.

Slake The Thin-Set

When you mix the thin-set or grout, make sure to let it set for at least ten minutes. Also known as “slaking,” this waiting period gives the mix time to absorb all of the water. Then, before you pour it, mix it again to make the consistency perfectly smooth, adding a little more water if necessary.

Level The Floor

It’s impossible to set an even layer of tiles on an uneven surface. No matter how flat you try to make the tiles, some edges will be higher than others. Not only does this unevenness mar the beauty of the floor, but it also creates a tripping hazard. The best way to level a floor is to cover it with a self-leveling underlayment. Before mixing the self-leveling compound, use a caulk gun to fill every hole and crack.

Remove The Baseboards

For the best finish, pull off the baseboards before you lay the tile. Leaving the baseboards in place requires caulking the gap once you’re finished, but a line of caulk is not going to look as good as a baseboard that covers the edges of the tiles. The baseboard will also help to hide any chipped edges or uneven cuts in the tile.

Clean Up Immediately

Once thin-set starts to harden, it can be difficult to clean, so it’s important to clean up right away. First of all, drop your tools in a bucket of water. Then take a utility knife and scrape out any thin-set that has come out between the tiles. Also look for smudges on the surface of the tiles. Try wiping them off with water, and if that doesn’t work, use a plastic scrubber and gentle abrasion to clean off the hardened thin-set.



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