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Protecting your hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is a very beautiful enhancement that can be made to most rooms, it is impossible to duplicate the sense of warmth, comfort and texture with any other type of flooring material. To keep your hardwood flooring in San Jose looking like new it is not difficult, taking a few common sense precautions and no more than regular cleaning, your floors will remain in pristine condition for many years before refinishing becomes a necessity.

Not every cleaning agent is appropriate for cleaning hardwood floors. There are wood soaps available that are formulated for use on wooden furniture, they may or may not be the right agent to use on hardwood floors. Ensure that the product is intended for use on floors as well as furniture, if it does not specifically mention hardwood floors then don’t assume it’s acceptable, don’t use any agent that does not specifically say it is acceptable for hardwood floors.

Protecting your hardwood flooring in San Jose can start with the types of shoes that are worn in the house. Although the wood is hard, it is not stone and it does not have the tendency to bounce back. It is important to ensure that any kind of shoe that might dent the flooring be avoided; spike high heels and any shoes with cleats should definitely not be worn while walking on a hardwood floor.

As hardwood is a natural material it can fade in harsh, direct sunlight. A good way to avoid this is to eliminate constant exposure in any one spot, re-arrange the furniture in the room periodically, this exposed different areas of the floor surface to the sun’s rays, by doing this you can maintain consistency throughout the room.

Protecting the hardwood flooring in your home begins at the doorway. Grit and debris are hard on the surface of the wood, place small entry mats at each doorway that opens into a room from the outside. These small rugs are ideal for removing the bulk of sand, grit, dirt and other debris from the bottom of shoes; it is this foreign material that is so harmful. It costs far less to clean or even replace the mat that it will to refinish the floors.

Where there is the possibility of scuffing from the constant movement it is a good idea to use an area rug. There is a tendency for example for dining chairs and the feet from the diners to scuff the area due to the constant use in a small area. It is always a good idea to place the dining table on an area rug; it will protect your hardwood flooring in San Jose as well as be a beautiful conversation piece.

There is little doubt that hardwood flooring in San Jose is one of the most beautiful floors you can have in your home. At FMD Distributor you can find classic hardwood flooring as well as bamboo, laminate and cork. Visit website to know more.



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