Wyoming Residents Appreciate the Reliability of Propane During the Winter

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Propane Supplier

It is common to see a home heater in Evanston, Wyoming, that is powered by propane. This is because Wyoming residents have come to appreciate that propane is a reliable energy source when there is an emergency.

The winters in Wyoming can be extremely cold. It is common for winter storms, strong winds, and other weather-related situations to knock out the electricity. If a home heater in Evanston, Wyoming, is powered by propane, it can continue to heat the home while the city works to repair the damaged electricity lines.

Truthfully, propane can be used to power many appliances. When the electricity goes out, homes that either primarily uses propane or that have a propane backup are able to continue to function. Unfortunately, homes that rely 100 percent on electricity are going to be out in the cold quite literally.

Propane is a safe and reliable choice. It is important to remember that for every gallon of propane, you get 27 kWh of electricity or 91,600 BTUs. Propane tanks cannot be filled to capacity. They need to be left 80 percent empty so that the propane can expand during warmer months.

Propane is seen by many as an excellent alternative to electricity. Others see propane as an excellent complement to their electricity use. It can be used by those who want to live off-grid.

Learn more about how T-7 Propane is helping homeowners keep warm during the winter while saving money and protecting the environment by visiting their website.

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