Royal Crowne Is Your Go to Destination For Rooftop Cupola Weathervanes

For over 35 years, Royal Crowne has been providing accents to beautify homes all across the country. Contractors and retailers, nationwide, go to Royal Crowne for cupolas, mailbox posts, lantern posts, and cupolas weathervanes.

Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Items In The Royal Crowne Catalog.

The Danbury Cupola

The Danbury Cupola is an octagon shaped construction that has a window on each side. The windows are big, and they are divided into six sections with a curve at the top. This cupola has a eight-sided copper roof, and it has a mount for a weathervane.

The Roxbury Cupola

The Roxbury Cupola has a classy look with four sides. Each side has a highly-detailed arched window. This cupola is made from a weather-proof pvc material, and it is put together with stainless-steel fasteners.

The Freedom Eagle Weathervane

The Freedom Eagle weathervane has the majestic bird posing with its wings out and talons open. This item is made with a copper and brass material, and the rod is made out of powder-coated steel.

The Balmoral Mailbox

This beautiful mailbox is made with a weather-proof metal construction, and it comes in black, bronze, or white. The Balmoral has a gold carrier signal flag and a gold knob. This mailbox is designed to fit on all of the Royal Crowne mailbox posts.

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