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Three Signs Your Wealth Manager in Dallas is Hurting You More Than Helping

Have you hired a wealth manager and aren’t experiencing the results you expected at first? While a wealth advisor in Dallas provides life-changing investment strategies to people all the time, they aren’t all equally effective. If you are concerned with the results your wealth manager is getting you, keep an eye on these three signs you need to move on.

They Refuse to Put Anything in Writing

A wealth advisor in Dallas that refuses to draft a written contract with you is someone you should not hire. If you have already hired one, seek out a new one immediately. An experienced manager will not be afraid to set clear terms with you for their services and what you should expect. This is a great way to ensure good quality service.

They’re Selling You Too Many Products

If it seems like your financial advisor is pushing products on you every time you talk instead of just talking about your portfolio’s future, it’s a bad sign. Of course, they want to make money, but there is a line where they start to look out for themselves more than they look out for you.

They Don’t Have A Researched Strategy

Ask them about their strategy. If they don’t have a clear plan with documented research, be wary. Any quality investment professional will have a clear strategy they can explain to you in detail.

If you have property and wealth, don’t manage it alone. The finance pros at Westwood Wealth Management have the experience and research to help you win in the market.



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