Taking a Stand; Adding Your Name to Stop Hate in Las Vegas

One company in Las Vegas is helping people around the world promote important causes. I-SHOUT-OUT is an online message board providing a place for you to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT against injustices in this world. Adding your name and cause to this platforms helps educate and inspire those who read it.

Joining a Movement Was Never So Easy

All you have to do to share your message is sign up. When you sign up, you can post your message and share your passions with the world. This company gives you the chance to be heard and join like-minded others that are doing the same.

Las Vegas Founder Knows How Hard It Is to Be Heard

The founder of I-SHOUT-OUT is a Nazi concentration camp survivor. He has experienced hatred and antisemitism at its deepest, darkest, and ugliest levels. He established this charity first and foremost to make change in the world and to act as a public platform against hate and violence. The virtual shout-out board helps people band together while being socially distanced and still make a difference. He knows how hard it is to be heard right now and is giving people the opportunity to have a virtual voice in these matters that affect everyone.

Make Your Voice Count

Join the against bullying campaign. Add your virtual shout-out today. Check out I-Shout-Out at website



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