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The Benefits of Hiring a Financial Advisor Located in Minneapolis

You may be looking for a financial advisor for many reasons. You may need help with retirement planning or guidance with investing. An experienced financial advisor in Minneapolis, MN can help you in several ways. Here are just a few.

Financial Plans

Refining your financial plan may take time away from your family and work. Hiring a financial advisor in Minneapolis, MN will help you get organized and stay focused. Your financial advisor can help you stay on course with a long-term comprehensive strategy. Your financial plan may include financial position analysis, income tax planning, asset and income protection planning, estate planning, and financial goal setting and prioritization.

Investment Advice

As part of your comprehensive financial plan, a financial advisor can look at your current investments and offer a second opinion. Advisors can help you adopt an asset allocation model that reflects your risk tolerance and risk capacity. They can help you with IRA distribution timing for increased tax efficiency, including partial Roth conversions. They can help with tax-loss harvesting and periodic rebalancing. Advisors can monitor your investment performance and risk analysis. Advisors can also help you with your charitable contributions and bunching contributions.


It is natural to get nervous when the stock market takes a downturn. You may be tempted to sell when it would be better to stay in the market. A financial advisor in Minneapolis, MN will help you with the discipline of sticking with your long-term investment plan rather than making emotional decisions. Common investor mistakes include focusing on short-term results, trying to time the market, and paying too much attention to social media. Financial advisors in Minneapolis can help you articulate your long-term investment goals and strategies, select tax-efficient investments, and manage your portfolio and asset allocations.



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