The Great Importance Of Napkins

Napkins may seem insignificant, but they are actually extremely important to an event or weddings success! Without them it would be impossible, or at least extremely difficult, to keep somewhat clean during meals and cocktail hour. Napkins come in a variety of different colors, sizes, and materials and can easily enhance the atmosphere and appearance of an event. No matter what type of social function you are hosting, if it involves food, there must be napkins available if you want to maintain your reputation as a thoughtful, considerate host.

The History Of Napkins

Paper napkins have been in existence in China for centuries. The ancient Greeks used a type of bread to wipe their hands and faces clean during a meal. The Romans used two pieces of cloth: one on the lap and one for keeping themselves clean. Later, during the Middle Ages, napkins took the form of cloths draped over the left arm of a servant. By the 1500s, everyone used napkins and modern table etiquette began to evolve. The invention of forks caused the use of napkins to go down some, but they were still used (especially by royalty), and have since developed into a variety of different kinds to accommodate every dining, snacking, and decor need.

What Can Napkins Be Used For?

Napkins are usually made out of paper or some kind of cloth. The use of cloth napkins or paper napkins varies depending on where the napkin is being used, the occasion, and what is being eaten. Most high-end restaurants use cloth napkins as they are overall a more economical choice, more sanitary, and environmentally friendly; cloth napkins also add a sense of sophistication and class.

Here are the three main places when napkins are used; a different type of napkin is used at each:

1. At Home – The typical napkin used at home is made out of a functional linen that is extremely durable. It can be used as a coaster, for eating snacks, for wiping up spills, and during meals. Napkins for this purpose are generally made of polyester.

2. At Parties and Small Events – This refers to functions such a baby showers, graduation parties, and birthday parties. Party napkins come in every imaginable color, design, and linen. They are usually intended to go along with the overall theme of the party and are not always the most functional of choice, but rather serve a decor purpose.

3. At Formal Events – Places where you sit down and eat, such as many restaurants and most weddings. These napkins are made out of cloth, are very durable, and are great at cleaning up spills. They also come in dozens of different colors and designs. Napkins for formal events can range from polyester to satin.

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