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The Greatest Women of Jazz: Where to Find Your Favorite Songs

Are you a jazz music lover? Today various platforms let you stream and enjoy jazz classics online. With the right home theater system, you can have a listening experience like you’re at a live jazz concert. You can stream your favorite ladies of jazz, whether you’re playing their greatest hits and new song releases online.

A Historical Review: Three Unforgettable Women of Jazz

These women are the mothers of jazz, known for soothing tones and melodies. Did you know jazz icons like Ella Fitzgerald, known as Lady Ella are available for streaming online too? Yes, you can enjoy hits from the queen of jazz, the first ever female vocalist to emerge in the genre. Her tone, delivery, intonation, diction, and phrasing was pure magic. An award-winning vocalist, Sarah Vaughn is another 20th-century jazz act, known for her soulful performances. A celebrated NEA Jazz Master (1989), she won 4 Grammys, and an outstanding lifetime achievement award. Who can forget Nina Simone? Her critically acclaimed biopic is something every jazz lover should see. She is an unforgettable female jazz artist with a remarkable story. This jazz sensation was a civil rights advocate, songwriter, and arranger. A master vocalist and pianist, her artistry was immaculate.

Jazz in a Modern Age

Nowadays, finding playlists of your favorite female jazz icon isn’t nearly as trying as it was a few decades ago. Modern digital streaming platforms take the stress out of the process, letting you find old greats and new age hits effortlessly. You’ll enjoy soulful performances that soothe your heart with messages of deep social justice themes, burning desire, despair and sorrow.

The Evolution of Jazz Sounds

Jazz songs have some of the most telling stories you will ever hear in music. Jazz music draws inspiration from various cultures, but it puts an emphasis on Creole culture. Some classical jazz instruments are trombone, clarinet, guitar, double bass, trumpet, keyboards and drums. The jazz genre has experienced a diverse evolution, where it has adopted various subgenres and fusion sounds.

A renowned jazz vocalist, Sylvia Brooks, maintains a Los Vegas residency, where she does theatrical performances. Listen to the latest album from this female jazz artist, enjoy singles or sample tracks on Spotify. Check out her gallery here: .



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