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Three Important Maintenance Tasks When It Comes to Air Conditioner Coils

One important component of any air conditioner is the air conditioner coils. An air conditioner’s coils are important because they assist with heat transfer.

Problems with an air conditioner’s coils can drastically detract from the efficiency of the unit and could eventually cause complete failure of the air conditioner. That’s why it’s so important to keep the coils properly maintained.

The following are three important tasks for air conditioner maintenance in Northeast Georgia that need to be kept up to ensure that an air conditioner unit continues to operate as effectively as possible:

Cleaning the Coils

One of the most important and basic maintenance tasks when it comes to the air conditioner coils is cleaning them. It’s important to realize that dirty condenser coils drastically decrease the efficiency of an air conditioner.

When condenser coils are cleaned, it’s important to be careful around the delicate fins that are part of these coils. Power to the air conditioner needs to be shut off during cleanings, and the coils can be hosed off to clean them.

Making Sure That Coils Are Not Damaged

Condenser coils can be somewhat fragile. This can make it probable that they will become damaged at some point. Damaged coils won’t facilitate heat transfer as efficiently as they should.

Therefore, an important maintenance task is simply to inspect coils for damage and repair any damage that is present as necessary.

Clearing Space Around the Coils to Allow for Proper Airflow

Another thing to focus on when it comes to ensuring that condenser coils stay effective is making sure that coils have open space around them so that air can flow freely. As part of air conditioner maintenance in Northeast Georgia, the area around the coils and the entire outdoor unit should be organized and clean with no debris in the way of the coils effectively doing their job.



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