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The Importance of Effective Stormwater Management on Your Property

In most cases, even the heaviest of summer storms only cause the most minor of inconveniences. However, if your property does not have proper drainage, this minor inconvenience could turn into a major problem. Effective stormwater management is so important because it ensures that the rain that falls on your property ultimately has a place to go. Here are a few issues that could result if your property doesn’t properly drain.


Few things are more annoying than dealing with the constant itch of a mosquito bite. If your property doesn’t drain properly, it will result in pools of standing water, which are a prime breeding ground for mosquitos. In addition to being a nuisance, mosquito bites can also be dangerous as some mosquitos carry diseases that could result in serious illness or even death.

Dead Grass

It takes water to keep your grass green and healthy, but too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. If stormwater remains on your property for an extended period, the grass in those areas will begin to rot as it becomes oversaturated and lacks oxygen. If the grass dies, you could experience increased erosion as the roots of the grass are no longer there to hold the soil in place.

Slips and Falls

Puddles are fun to splash in, but their presence can also pose a risk if they stick around too long. When water sticks around long after the rain due to poor stormwater management, it could be a safety hazard for anyone walking around your yard. If they should happen to run through one of these unexpected puddles, they could lose their balance and fall to the ground.

For better stormwater management methods, contact WAHASO at wahaso.com. The experts can devise a plan to properly manage stormwater.



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