The Added Touch Of A Beautiful Crystal Cake Stand

Weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays are all times when a cake takes center stage. Adding a crystal cake stand or an acrylic cake box is a perfect way to elevate the cake off the table while adding an exceptional base.

The choice of an acrylic cake box provides a cost-effective and affordable alternative to crystal. Selecting quality acrylic cake stands, candle holders, and centerpieces ensures the entire table will look amazing.

Shapes and Options

The shape of the acrylic cake box can include the traditional round cake stand, or it can be square. These are also designed to accommodate larger and heavier cakes, with sizes up to eighteen inches, either with square or round shapes.

Designed to hold a significantly large size of cake, a top quality acrylic cake box can hold up to thirty pounds, providing a stable base for multiple layers of cake, icing, and decoration.

One of the distinctive benefits of using a crystal or acrylic cake stand is adding LED lighting to the base. Depending on the style of the cake stand, this will add more of a glow or a shimmery, twinkling illuminated base that highlights the table and makes the cake the center of focus.

These cake boxes are not limited to weddings and anniversaries. They are a perfect way to highlight a cake on a dessert table at any function. When paired with matching decorations, they bring the dessert table to a whole new level of sophistication and elegance.

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