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The Many Benefits of Using Portable Ultrasound Machines in Your Practice

While many doctors and nurses may think they need the full-sized traditional versions of their medical equipment, there are actually many benefits to using mobile or portable versions. Here are some of the reasons you should be using a portable Sonosite ultrasound machine.

Instant Diagnosis
No matter where the patient may be located, a portable machine will be able to test them. What is even better is the result will be instantaneous. Any medical readings can be done on the spot. In the past, the bulkier machines were preferred because they offered sharper images. The technology in portable machines has advanced to such a degree that there is no longer a difference in picture quality.

When a portable Sonosite ultrasound machine is used instead of the larger ultrasound, there is a significant drop in patients waiting to be tested. The main reason for this is because the machine can be rolled from patient room to patient room. They can be tested much quicker rather than waiting for a room to be cleared out and then cleaned before another patient can enter.

Large ultrasound machines are incredibly expensive. There are many smaller urban or rural clinics that simply cannot afford them. However, a portable ultrasound machine offers most of the same benefits that the larger machines do but at a fraction of the price. This means you can still service your patients even without the big budget of a metropolitan hospital.

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