Protect Your Asset With Auto Transport Services in Union City GA

A car is an asset that must be maintained with the greatest care because it depreciates over time. Limiting damages is important because damages affect the selling price significantly if owners decide to sell their car. Shipping a car using auto transport services is risky when consumers do not take the time to investigate their auto transport company to ensure they provide the services they need to make certain their cars make it to their destination intact. Consumers must be prepared to follow some guidelines before they ship their vehicles to reduce their risk for damages, and to protect themselves if there are any damages during transport.

Customers should expect several services from companies that provide auto transport services in Union City GA, including preparation advice before shipment, pick-up and delivery inspections, carrier transport options, and insurance. These services are key factors that determine how the company runs its operation, and what level of protection customers will receive.

Before consumers ship their car to another state, they must prepare the car for shipment, and the auto transport company should provide a list of procedures they must follow. When a car is picked up for transport, the car must be inspected. The driver must present the owner of the car or authorized agent with a condition report that details the current condition of the car. Once the shipper confirms the report, the car is ready for transport, and any damages reported on delivery will be confirmed by the condition report. Customers must also select the type of carrier for their vehicle. Auto transport services offers an open carrier, or an enclosed carrier. Open carriers are the most cost-effective method. The open carrier uses two racks to secure the cars, and they are transported without a covering. Enclosed carriers do not expose cars to the outside elements, and they are a good solution for transporting custom or classic cars, high end vehicles, and other types of cars; however, they are more expensive.

Auto transport companies must also offer insurance. A car that is not covered will require the owner to pay for damages, so customers must review the company’s insurance policy for a clear understanding of liability.



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