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Three Ways to Help an Elderly Relative to Be More Independent

Many senior citizens want to be independent when they get older. They may not want their relatives to send them away to a nursing home the moment they become a little less healthy. You can help your senior relative to maintain a sense of independence by doing the following things for them:

Checking on them Regularly

Just because your senior relative wants to be independent doesn’t mean that you can’t check on them. Make a habit of contacting your loved one once a day or once every other day just to ask how he or she is doing. If you can’t check on them, they should have a medical alert system.

Hiring a Helper

You could also employ the services of a helper. The helper could visit your senior relative and stop by to perform tasks such as laundry or meal preparation. You could even hire this person as an on-call helper. Your elderly relative could contact the individual when he or she needs something only. That way, the relative can maintain a feeling of independence even though there’s someone around who can assist. If the help is not around, your elderly relative still has their medical alert system.

Finding Them an Alert System

Make sure to get a medical alert system in Pinellas County, FL before leaving your elderly relative alone. Medical alert systems in Pinellas County, FL, are little alarm systems that your relative can wear and then press if an emergency occurs. They are great to use in case of an emergency, such as a fall or injury. Medical experts can get to your relative quicker that way, and you won’t have to worry yourself that something might happen while you’re away.

Contact or visit the website for more information on alert systems and how you can get one for your beloved senior relative.



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