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Vaginal Rejuvenation: What You Need To Know About This Procedure

Women are bound to experience changes in their vagina due to aging and childbirth. Such changes impact a woman’s sexuality in many ways, including urinary incontinence, loose vaginal muscles, and dryness. Statistics show that about 40% of women experience mental and emotional distress due to sexual dysfunction. This explains the reason for the increased popularity of vaginal rejuvenation Charlotte, NC.

What is vaginal rejuvenation? 

These are unique treatments and procedures performed on the vagina to rectify problems that occur due to menopause or after childbirth. The aim is to reduce pain, enhance comfort and boost confidence.

But why the hype? Patients who seek the procedure claim that they want to restore their sexuality and wellness. They claim that what was initially electrifying is now more of a fading flame after childbirth or menopause. As critics are asking questions on the necessity of this treatment, enthusiasts are applauding the procedure.

Why do women desire this special treatment?

Though the efficacy of the treatment is still a debatable topic, you can benefit from the procedure aesthetically and health-wise.

The vaginal muscles tend to lose their strength and elasticity during childbirth and menopause. This loose feeling is uncomfortable and calls for a solution to tighten the muscles. Vaginal rejuvenation Charlotte, NC comes in handy at this point. No woman would want to experience a diminished quality of life due to unfavorable changes in their vaginal anatomy. Reviving the vaginal area can give it a new life, although not the exact way it felt when you were eighteen years!

Available Options    

There is no specific methodology for this treatment. You can opt for surgical or non-surgical processes, creams, and injections.

Surgical alternatives include vaginoplasty, vulvaplasty, and labiaplasty. These surgeries can either focus on the internal or external vaginal areas to strengthen the muscles.

Non-surgical procedures include laser and radiofrequency options. These procedures work by directing heat energy on the vaginal tissues to make them tight and firm.

It is worth noting that feminine health and aesthetics are gaining increasing attention in the United States and globally. Women suffering from the aftermath of childbirth and menopause are becoming aware of different options like rejuvenation procedures to enhance their sexuality and quality of life. If you are interested in such options, it is wise to find reputable clinics like The Center for Women’s Aesthetics in Charlotte, NC that offers professional aesthetic care for women, to take you through the process.



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