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Using Termite Treatments in Sunshine West

When a discovery is made unveiling the presence of termites within a home, taking the necessary actions in removing them promptly will be of the utmost concern. Termites can cause structural damage to wood, leading to a decrease in the value of a home as a result. Most people will call a service to come to a home to eradicate termites from the property. After termites are removed, additional steps should be taken to ensure they do not return.

Install Bait Traps To Kill Off Any Stragglers

After a pest control service takes steps in removing termites with pesticides, it is a good idea to use bait traps along the perimeter of the home to remove any additional insects from the soil. These traps are pushed directly into the ground and can be filled with bait to attract termites to them. Small holes in the bottom portion will allow the termites to get the bait placed in the top portion. The termite treatment in Sunshine West will then bring this bait to their lairs to share with others. The bait will kill a large number of termites, helping to eradicate any the pest control service missed during their visit.

Use Nematodes In The Lawn To Remove Termites

Nematodes can be sprinkled across the land around the home to eat any termites that may still be present in the soil. These small worms will not effect foliage and are safe to use around pets or small children. The worms will burrow into the ground and remove termites naturally instead of needing to use a chemical agent to do the job.

Evaluations Should Be Done Regularly

It is best to have a pest control service return to the property periodically to do assessments of the land and the wooden structure to make sure termites have not returned. They will know the signs of a termite problem and will be able to do additional termite treatments as necessary to remove any harbored insects from the property for good.

When there is a need to do Termite Treatments in Sunshine West to remove termites from a property, calling a service known for their fast response time is preferred. Contact Flick Pest Control today to schedule an appointment.



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