Visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta GA and Brighten Your Smile

You started your day with a bright grin and a bounce in your step, but a sudden fall broke both your tooth and your self-esteem in one blow. Rather than allow such a crack in your smile to put your day down, take a moment to consider a cosmetic dentist in Augusta GA. These highly trained professionals understand the importance of your perfect smile, and they can fix any cracked, chipped, or broken teeth easily. Even if you simply wish to whiten a smile you feel grew a little too yellow after all those years of coffee and tea, your cosmetic dentist can and will help for a perfectly affordable price.


As previously stated, your cosmetic dentist can easily whiten your smile. In fact, they have two ways in which they can do this. If you need to brighten your teeth quickly, you can opt for a fast, in-house procedure. Such a procedure was designed to take only 30 minutes to an hour, and your teeth see as many as 8 shades of whitening. If you prefer to take your time and whiten over a couple weeks, you can choose to take home a whitening kit perfectly molded to your teeth. Before you know it, your smile will brighten every room you walk into, and your loved ones will do a double take when they next see you.

Cracks or Chips

A damaged tooth is easy to restore with a trained cosmetic dentist on your side. In most cases, a chipped or broken tooth is not damaged enough to need full extraction, and it could instead be restored with a cap. Even if a tooth were to be removed, a single false tooth replacement is quick and easy for your dentist to create. You worked hard on your perfect smile, and one little chip or crack should not take away from that.

Augusta Dental Arts provides cosmetic dentistry solutions which concentrates on the improvement of the appearance, as well as on the function of teeth, gums, and bite of a person.



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