What Are Document Apostille Services?

Document requirements differ between countries. Often, they are only valid on a local or regional level. However, records are sometimes needed in other countries, but with different standards in effect, which creates a need for unified document certification. This resulted in the formation of the Hague Conference in 1961, establishing the Apostille.

What Are Document Apostille Services?

An Apostille is a stamp or authentication certification. It is used and recognized by member countries of the Hague Conference. Signatory countries are recognized by joint regions, and the Conference formed a private international law pertaining to official documents so individuals wouldn’t have to get new documents in various regions. Every region can recognize the same ones. Document Apostille services only apply to public documents, including birth, death and marriage certificates, court documents, diplomas and patents.

How Can an Apostille Be Obtained?

Obtaining document Apostille services can be complex if you’ve not done it before. Initially, it seems much more complicated than it is. Many times, much of the process can be done online, which allows you to get the documents needed with little hassle and minimal effort. Technically, making a document official and certified internationally requires a stamp authenticating it. Only the nations that are members of the Hague Conference may recognize it as official so it’s important to know which nations are part of this conference.

Who Needs to Obtain Apostille?

Authentication can be useful in many situations. Law firms, corporations, foreign nationals and US citizens may benefit if documents are needed in other countries. Requests for Apostille are processes through US government agencies on various levels, including county, state and federal. The level at which it is received depends mostly on the type of document needed.

If you are in need of document apostille services, visit the US Authentication website to obtain more information and help with the process.



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