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What Are the Benefits of Personal Injury Protection?

Personal injury protection is one type of coverage that may be included in your auto insurance. It is often referred to as “PIP,” and it offers protection to both you and your passengers if you are in an automobile accident that leads to injuries. In some areas, such as Tampa, this is a mandatory type of coverage for all drivers, while in other areas it is not required but can still be added to your policy. In many cases, hiring a personal injury protection attorney is the best way to get all of the compensation you deserve.

Medical Coverage After an Accident

Probably the most significant benefit of PIP is that you have medical coverage after an accident. Any reasonable and necessary expenses are paid without concern for copays or deductibles. This might include an emergency room visit, ambulance ride, prescriptions, and visits to your doctor. This leaves you without concerns about how to handle your copays and services that may not be covered by your medical insurance.

Loss of Income Compensation

Another benefit of PIP is that it offers you coverage over lost wages after an accident and associated injury. If you are injured to the point of not being able to go to work, you will be provided with compensation that makes up part of what you would have expected to earn while at your job. This can be extremely helpful in a situation where you are dealing with the aftermath of an accident and may have extra expenses or need for the money that you would receive from normal employment.

Help with Necessary Services

In addition to offering help with the loss of income and medical coverage, PIP is also provided for certain needed services. This might include things like childcare, lawn care, cleaning, or cooking. If you are unable to do these things while injured, the cost of having them taken care of can be significant. Having an option to pay for those services is a major benefit of PIP coverage.

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