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What Can a Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta Do for a Patient?

Getting the most out of life does mean taking some chances now and then. When actions lead to damage to the teeth, it is important to know there are options. A Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta can do a great deal for any patient who is not happy with the appearance or the health of those teeth. Here are some examples.

Recovering From an Accident

Accidents are bound to happen from time to time. In the best case scenario, the individual escapes with nothing more than a few scratches that heal after a few days. For those who sustain some sort of damage to the teeth, turning to a Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta, is a wise move. Depending on the extent of the damage, the dentist may be able to save the teeth and make them look as if nothing happened. Even if some of the teeth are beyond repair, the dentist will know what types of replacements will work based on the overall health of the jawbone structure.

Dealing with the Aftermath of Teeth Grinding

People who work or live in stressful situations may find that they grind their teeth while asleep. This leads to weakening the teeth and damaging the enamel. Along with treating the underlying causes and preventing the grinding from continuing, there is also the need to undo the damage already done. A cosmetic dentist can assess the damage and determine what combination of treatments will restore the teeth and ensure that no one is the wiser.

Whitening Yellowed Teeth

Over time, it is not unusual for teeth to take on a yellow hue. Habits like drinking coffee or smoking increase the odds of yellowing the teeth. This is true even when the patient is diligent about brushing after every meal. Fortunately, a dentist can use methods that will make the teeth whiter again. Since it is possible to monitor the progress at each session, there is no danger of overdoing things and leaving the teeth with an unusually glossy appearance.

For anyone who is unhappy with the way their teeth look, contact the team at Buckhead Dental Partners today and arrange for an appointment. After examining the patient, Dr. Ballard will go over the treatment options and provide an idea of what results to expect.



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