What to Expect From an Online Premium Discount Cigars Shop

A growing number of cigar smokers are choosing to skip visiting their local cigar shop and are instead choosing to purchase premium discount cigars online. Apart from being incredibly convenient, buying cigars online can save you money and introduce you to a world of new and unique brands and flavors.

Not every online cigar retailer is as good as the next, however. In order to truly enjoy your cigars, you will need to find a reputable cigar shop online that offers the following:

Fresh Cigars

No one wants to smoke a stale and flavorless cigar. Unfortunately, there are a handful of cigar shops online that keep their cigars stored in a large warehouse. The best shops that sell premium discount cigars will keep their cigars inside of a humidor with a humidity of 70% and a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If the shop does not advertise how they store their cigars, contact their customer support and find out before you buy.

Cigars in Singles

This is particularly important if you are interested in trying a new type of cigar that you have found online and are interested in trying out. Most reputable shops online understand this and sell cigars in singles as well as in whole boxes. Make sure that you purchase at least two single cigars before committing to purchase the whole box.

An Easy-to-Navigate Website

While looking for cigars online does not offer the same experience as visiting a physical store, the website should at least be easy to navigate so that you can easily find the cigars you want.

Fast Shipping

The less time your cigars spend in transit and outside of the humidor, the better. The online shop you purchase your premium discount cigars from should have your cigars shipped to you within two to four business days from the day you place your order, and without the addition of any extravagant shipping fees. If they cannot provide that, then it is time to look for a new shop online.

A Secure Website

Before keying in any credit card or payment information, make sure that the website you are purchasing your premium discount cigars from uses SSL or data encryption technology. This is the best way for you to make sure that the personal information that is being shared between your computer and the website server cannot be stolen.

The website you are purchasing from should also have their privacy policy and terms of use posted online. If you cannot find either of those, contact customer support and ask where they can be found. If the company does not have those posted and does not have knowledgeable and friendly customer support, look for another online retailer.



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