What To Know About Knee Pain Treatment

Anyone can experience issues with knee pain throughout their life. While most causes of pain in the joints are related to a current or past injury, other issues such as arthritis, genetic conditions, or specific types of infections can result in minor to severe levels of pain that can become chronic.

The key with any option in knee pain treatment Strongsville, OH is for the treatment to be customized to the specific issues experienced by the patient. Too often, treatment in clinics throughout Strongsville, OH, is based on evaluating the presenting symptoms and not on consideration of all possible issues and causes of the pain.

Medication Pros and Cons

When the knee pain is not related to a current injury or infection and cannot be treated with surgery, pain medications may be recommended as the best option for knee pain treatment Strongsville, OH. There are significant risks associated with the use of some types of prescription pain medications, including addiction concerns. Even over-the-counter NSAID pain relievers can have side effects with long term use.

While medication does end the pain, it does not address the cause of the pain. In these situations, physical therapy, manual manipulation of the joint, and other types of non-surgical knee pain treatment Strongsville, OH options can be highly effective in reducing the levels of chronic pain.

Through breaking down internal scar tissue, increased mobility of the joint is possible. Therapeutic exercises can build up the muscles around the knee, reducing the risk of further injury. Non-surgical treatment through physical therapy in Strongsville, OH, does not have the risks of surgery or medication, and it offers long-term positive results for many types of joint pain.

At Pure Physio, we offer a range of options in non-surgical knee pain treatment for patients in and around Strongsville, OH. To find out more, see us online.



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