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Business Insurance Plans That Work For Asheville, NC, Small Businesses

As a small business owner, providing quality healthcare insurance for employees is a priority. This is one factor that makes it difficult for many small businesses in the Asheville, NC, area to compete with the perks offered by large companies hiring in and around the city.

Large companies, including multinational companies or those employing hundreds of people as a local business, have the ability to access group plans that help to drive down the cost of healthcare insurance for the business. Small businesses with fewer employees cannot take advantage of these options in cost savings if they only consider the big insurance companies in the market.

What to Consider

There are local options in Asheville, NC, that are outside of the national or international insurance carriers offering business health insurance. Local healthcare providers have created business insurance plans Asheville, NC that are less than seventy dollars a month for a group rate, even for businesses with four or fewer employees.

These business insurance plans Asheville, NC offer some no-cost services, including annual physical checkups, virtual and urgent care services, and supportive services such as health coaching or nutrition coaching.

Additionally, they also provide wholesale pricing for many services. These services include lab testing and results, specific types of procedures, as well as medication and pharmaceutical services. Health classes and preventative health programs may be offered at a very low cost or even as a free service.

These types of business insurance plans Asheville, NC are small business-friendly options. They can even be scaled up or down as needed, providing a flexible option for small business owners to consider.

For small business owners in and around Asheville, NC, Integrative Family Medicine offers a range of affordable, comprehensive business insurance plans. For more information, see us online at Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville



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