What Would A Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Muhlenberg, PA Do In Certain Situations?

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

A Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Muhlenberg PA knows how serious criminal charges related to drugs can be for a person. They work with the law and see the consequences of charges all the time. It’s important to understand what people who know the law would do in certain types of situations.

Arrested For Drug Possession

A drug possession defense Lawyer in Muhlenberg PA knows that when a person is arrested for a crime that a lawyer should be asked for as soon as possible. The worst thing that someone who is arrested for a drug crime can do is to talk to law enforcement without an attorney being present. When a person talks to police officers, anything they say can be used against them. An individual can actually help build a case for law enforcement without even knowing they are helping.

Questionable Friends

There are times when people put themselves in bad situations that can result in criminal charges. What if a person’s friend is in possession of illegal drugs and is riding in the car with them? If a traffic stop is initiated and the car happens to be searched, the individual with the drugs might not claim them. The officer might arrest everyone in the vehicle for drug possession if an occupant doesn’t claim the drugs. It’s best for a person to not let someone in their car if they know that individual is in possession of illegal narcotics.

Saying No To Searches

If an officer asks a person to search their vehicle, that individual has the right to refuse the search. Unfortunately, some people don’t know their rights. They feel that they have to say yes to search requests by law enforcement. The legality of searches can be very important. Some cases have been thrown out simply because of illegal searches. Law enforcement has strict guidelines that they must follow to conduct searches.

Lawyers know the law and how to handle themselves in certain situations. It helps for people who aren’t trained in the field of law to know just a few of the things that lawyers know. Anyone who needs a lawyer can click here.

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