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Why Living Off-Campus Is a Much Better Option Than a Charlottesville Dorm

When going off to college, one of the most exciting things is being able to live on your own. However, if you move into a dorm room, there is actually very little of that to be done. This is just one of the many reasons that living in Charlottesville apartments near UVA is a much better option.


While it may seem cheaper to live in a dorm room because you are paying a flat fee for room, board, and all utilities, you are actually paying a handsome premium for all of those things to be included. You can generally live in an apartment for several hundred dollars cheaper than a dorm room. You can also take on a roommate and split the costs of the apartment to make it even cheaper.

Your Own Place

When you live in a dorm room, you have to accept the furniture that is already in there. This furniture is virtually guaranteed to be well-used and cannot be moved out or altered in any way. However, when you live in Charlottesville apartments near UVA, you can furnish it in any way that you choose. This can be quite a liberating feeling when you finally leave your parent’s home.

Rental History

While it’s not something that is usually taken into consideration, having a strong rental history behind you after you graduate college is a powerful tool to have. It will make it that much easier to rent in other cities when you have reputable landlords that can vouch for you.

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