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Why Using a Bail Bonds Service is Essential For Defendants in Phoenix

When you’re facing any type of criminal charge, you’ll be detained in jail until your trial unless you pay your bail. While bail money is refunded after you appear for trial, it’s usually very high and most people don’t have the resources to pay it out of pocket. This is where a Peoria bail bonds service becomes useful.

What Does a Bail Bonds Service Do?

Even when you’re facing misdemeanor charges, the judge may require bail equivalent to several thousands of dollars in exchange for your release. It’s unlikely you will be able to pay that yourself, but you can send your spouse or parents to a bail bondsman to obtain enough money for bail. This type of service is similar to any kind of lender except that they specifically loan money to be used as bail. In exchange for a fee equal to a small percentage of the total bail amount, they will pay your bail to ensure your release.

Why Shouldn’t You Stay in Jail?

You might be thinking you can save money by staying in jail rather than using a Peoria bail bonds service. Doing so can hurt your chances for a favorable outcome in your trial. While you’re sitting in jail, you can’t spend time searching for the best defense attorney to help you. Additionally, you won’t be able to help your attorney prepare your defense, which can affect the quality of service your attorney can provide. In many ways, the services of a bail bondsman is as important to your case as hiring the right defense lawyer.

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