Why You Need a Divorce Attorney

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Law Services, Lawyers & Law Firms

If you are getting a divorce, then you need to hire a divorce attorney in Nassau County. There have been a lot of changes in family law over the last ten years and know what the new laws are and how they apply are important in a divorce.

Family Laws Differ From State to State

Each state has their laws regarding divorce and family law. You need to know your rights and responsibilities under these laws. Only a divorce attorney in Nassau County who has training and experience in family law can help you get through your divorce with a favorable outcome. Not knowing what these laws are, can cause you to lose assets, retirement funds, and even custody of minor children.

Representing Yourself

While every state allows anyone to represent themselves in a divorce proceeding, the laws in Florida are complicated and change regularly. Parties who represent themselves are held to the same standards as an attorney, and a judge is not allowed to help you. This makes it difficult for a person without legal training to be an effective advocate for themselves. That is why hiring a divorce attorney in Nassau County is a good idea. They can dispute any issues that appear and speak to the opposing counsel on your behalf when needed.

Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Divorces are emotional and can get ugly which means you need a neutral person to fight for your rights. You need someone who can look at the case objectively. A divorce attorney knows and understands how the court system works.

It takes time for a divorce to go through the system. There are a lot of forms and paperwork which need to be completed and filed.

If you are going through a divorce, then you should hire a divorce attorney from The Law office of Ketover & Associates to complete your divorce.

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