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3 Ways To Find Quality Fort Lauderdale, FL, Moving And Storage Companies

Ideally, as soon as you realize you are moving within Fort Lauderdale, FL, or outside of the city or state, contact moving and storage companies. This will be very important if you are moving in the spring, summer or early fall as those are the most frequently requested months for moving.

Additionally, there are times where moving can be a problem. They include at the beginning and end of the month as well as mid-month. Moving outside of these times can make it easier to schedule your move, even if you don’t have months of notice for the moving company.

There are a few different ways to find out about moving and storage companies in a way that will provide you with the information you need. Most people will find that they take a few days to create a short list of no more than 5 moving company names to then spend the time and research further.

People You Know

If someone in your family has moved recently or if you can talk to a neighbor that just moved in or perhaps someone at work you can get a personalized overview of the service.

Most people will be very happy to share a positive experience as well as provide you with stories of moving companies they would definitely never recommend.

Internet Searches

Internet searches can be very helpful as well. Taking the time to review the websites of moving and storage companies can give you an idea of the scope of the services they offer as well as their reputation. Be cautious about sites that don’t list a business address or that don’t have feedback on independent mover review sites.


Your Realtor, banker, lawyer or any other professional involved in homes and real estate may be able to offer suggestions for top moving services. Remember, you are just getting a referral and should still take the time to complete your own review of the company before hiring them for your Fort Lauderdale, FL, move.

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