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3 Ways to Use 304 Stainless Steel Banding Anywhere in the U.S.

While there are many types of materials used for banding, 304 stainless steel banding is often preferred in many situations. This is because stainless steel is more durable than other types of banding, such as nylon or polyester. It’s also less corrosive, ensuring it will last longer than some other types of metal. Here are a few ways this type of banding is used.

Securing Signs

This type of metal banding can often be seen securing street signs to posts due to the resilience against corrosion. This means the sign will remain secured to the post in spite of exposure to rain, snow, and high winds. While the banding may eventually need to be replaced, it does provide a long-term solution.

Securing Products For Transport

Stainless steel bands are typically used to secure large or bulky items to wooden pallets for transport. The bands are strong enough to hold the item in place during a long ride, keeping damage from occurring in transit. This is often a popular choice for transporting machinery and equipment that can’t be packaged in any type of container.

Securing Tanks

You can also find 304 stainless steel banding on tanker trailers, rail cars holding tanks, and anywhere else a cylindrical container is found. This is because the stainless steel can be bent around the container to hold it in place without compromising its strength or durability.

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