What Kind of Techniques Are Used in Metal Engineering in Norfolk, NR?

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Metal Supplier

Metal Engineering creates custom parts out of aluminum, steel, zinc, and more. If your company has to build a particular part, a modern machining shop would be helpful.

Metal Engineering

For most companies, an engineering firm is an essential industry contact. Since they have everything to create custom parts, they’re valuable assets to have. Plus, if you’ve been working with them for a while, they’ll know how to meet your expectations.


Sometimes, a manual perforator is more effective, but not always. That’s when a CNC punching machine would be most useful, cutting production costs.


If your parts need to bend in particular directions, use a folding machine. A 6-axis brake press could make short work of most projects, too.

Laser Cutting

Sophisticated laser cutters have enough power to pierce 20 mm of steel. So, they’re highly versatile machines if you’re running low on material.


Once you’ve finished the basic design of a part, it’s time to finish it. Bead blasting can smoothen its surface, reducing aberrations.


Tungsten inert gas welding has a ton of use-cases. For example, you could use it to weld steel parts together, or you could use it to weld brass.

Shearing & Sawing

If you need a straight cut, shearing costs less than laser cutting. So, a guillotine could be an effective option if that’s what you need.

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