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Bleeding Gums During Kids’ Teeth Cleaning

To help ensure that your child’s teeth and gums remain strong and healthy, make regular appointments for kids’ teeth cleaning near Eastvale. Regular checkups and cleanings can reveal oral health problems such as bleeding gums early on when they are most treatable. Here are some reasons your child may experience bleeding gums during their teeth cleaning procedure.


Certain medications can alter platelet function and cause a condition known as decreased platelet aggregation. When this occurs, it can take longer for your child’s blood to clot, raising the risk of bleeding gums.

Medications that can cause bleeding gums during kids’ teeth cleaning near Eastvale include aspirin, prescription anticoagulant medications, and certain cardiovascular medications. If your child develops bleeding gums during cleanings or when brushing and flossing, make an appointment with the pediatrician for an examination. It is important to note that you should never stop your child’s medications before getting approval from their physician, even though their gums are bleeding.


Not only can anemia cause fatigue, a fast heart rate, dizziness, pallor, and shortness of breath, but it can also cause oral manifestations. Anemia can make your child’s gums, tongue, and cheek lining look lighter, and it can also cause bleeding gums, especially during dental procedures such as dental examinations and cleanings with pointed dental probes. If your child has anemia, let the dentist know so that they can take special precautions during checkups and cleanings.

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