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Important Details You Should Know About SSI Claims In Bakersfield, CA

Supplemental Security Income is a government-based disability program that offers monthly benefits. Individuals who are disabled and never worked previously are eligible for these benefits. Speaking to a disability lawyer in Bakersfield, CA gives you more insight into eligibility criteria and how to file a claim. If the SSA denies your claim, an attorney could guide you through an appeal or reconsideration.

How Can You Get SSI?

A claimant could get approved for SSI if they have an eligible disability that stops them from working. Medical records show what disability you have and explain why you cannot work. In addition, Social Security Administration caseworkers work closely with education and employment workers that evaluate disabilities and what industries could accommodate claimants’ disabilities.

The SSA might approve the claim if there aren’t any employment possibilities. However, suppose there is a sector where the claimant could become gainfully employed. In that case, the caseworker may recommend employment possibilities to the claimant and deny the claim. Speaking to a disability lawyer in Bakersfield, CA helps determine if an appeal is a viable choice after a denial.

Appealing the SSA’s Decision

A disability appeal allows you to present evidence to a disability judge. If you have additional medical records for your condition, you should inform your attorney so they can get these records. An attorney helps you prepare for an appeal.

Supplemental Security Income is available to disabled claimants who haven’t worked before. The program offers monthly benefits to support the claimant financially since they cannot support themselves. Contact Pena & Bromberg, PC to learn more about SSI claims.



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