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Critical Legal Services That an Experienced Probate Attorney Can Offer

Planning out your estate is one of the last things that you want to contend with. Nonetheless, it is a task that must be dealt with while you are still in good health and sound mind.

When you want to make your final plans official and stipulate to whom your estate is given after you pass on, you need to use the services of a skilled probate attorney in Hollywood, FL. Your attorney can create an official will for you and execute it when you are no longer here.

Drafting an Official Will

If you were to pass on without an official will on file with a probate attorney in Hollywood, FL, the probate court can decide to whom to give your estate. It could be divided up among people whom you intended to exclude from your will. It also could be seized and sold off by the state to pay your final expenses.

When you draft and file a will, you can stipulate to whom you would like your house, real estate, life insurance, savings, and other assets to be given. You also can leave money or assets to charities and organizations that you supported throughout your life. You can explicitly state whom you would like to exclude from receiving anything from your estate as well.

Planning Your Funeral

Your attorney can also put in writing what kind of funeral you would like to have after you are gone. You can relieve your family of this burden and also leave money for it in your will. You can dictate to what funeral home you would like your remains taken to, where you would like to be buried, and what you would like on your headstone.

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