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Gold Electroplating and What it Can Mean for Your Business

In the area of industrial services, there are a number of processes that can benefit the manufacturing process. For the most part, each of these parts is created using some kind of precious metal. Each of those has their own set of flaws that need to be combatted.

Through gold electroplating services, those parts can be protected against the flaws of the metals used to construct them. It can make a huge difference in overall quality and even streamline the processes of these industrial companies.


Electroplating, whether it be gold electroplating or another type, is the process of coating a metal object or singular metal with another type of metal. In this instance, another type of metal would be getting coated in gold.

This eventually creates a chemical bond between the two, with a thickness somewhere in the 0.0002-inch thickness range. This chemical bond provides a resistance to damage, corrosion, and rust that the original metal did not have on its own.

Perfect for Industrial Manufacturing

There are more than a few companies out there in the industrial manufacturing world that struggle with corrosion and rust issues in particular. Through electroplating, however, they can ensure that their parts hold up to those issues.

It is a process that is meant to reinforce the metals used, giving them corrosion and rust-resistant properties that they would have lacked otherwise. All for a better, more durable part.



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