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Is Nickel Plated Better Than Silver Plated?

There has been a long-standing debate as to which is better, nickel plated or silver plated? Both elements have a few similarities but also very significant differences. But to those who are well-informed about their pros and cons, it’s clear that it’s not a competition between the two but a matter of preference.

Side By Side Comparison


Nickel is a much harder material for plating than silver, though they are both largely considered durable plating materials.


Considering the ubiquitousness of nickel compared to silver, it is priced much cheaper. This makes it valuable for those with a smaller budget to devote to plating.


Aesthetically, nickel often doesn’t look different from silver. However, it is important to remember that nickel comes in two varieties – bright nickel and dull nickel. While bright nickel looks very similar to silver, dull nickel has a much darker sheen.


Silver is the most conductive metal, meaning that it has superior conductivity to nickel.


Silver tends to tarnish more often than nickel, which is why it may need frequent polishing to maintain its luster. Alternatively, an anti-tarnish coating can be applied.


Silver will most definitely cost more than nickel and as mentioned, it’s really a matter of preference or budget that will tip off your decision from one element or another. Both nickel and silver though can be plated on top of metallic and non-metallic materials so they are both flexible that way.

A good silver plating company or nickel plating company will be able to tell you more and help you make a sound decision.



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