Possible Defenses That Could Be Argued by an Assault Law Attorney in Muhlenberg, PA

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Assault charges are taken very seriously in Pennsylvania. Defendants should know that if they are convicted, they could wind up facing substantial fines and imprisonment. Whether they are facing charges after a bar fight or they’re being accused of domestic violence, it’s important that defendants hire an Assault Law Attorney in Muhlenberg PA who can help them fight their charges.

Few defendants facing assault charges have the kind of legal experience they need to really understand their options, even once they’ve found a lawyer. They can read on to find out about a few of the available defenses that might be suggested by their attorneys.

Arguing Self-Defense

Proving self-defense in an assault case is difficult but it can be an effective means of fighting the charges if there was a threat of unlawful harm against the defendant. Even if the defendant was the first one to swing in a fight, he or she can still claim self-defense if there was a reasonable perceived fear of harm.

Defense of Others

It is sometimes possible to fight assault charges on the basis of having exercised physical force in order to protect others from harm. An assault law attorney in Muhlenberg PA can help his or her defendant decide whether it makes sense to try to pursue this defense strategy, which can be difficult to prove. The person being charged must be able to prove that he or she had a reasonable expectation that failing to take action would have resulted in the harm of another person and even then, this defense won’t fly if the plaintiff was much smaller in stature.

Defense of Property

Defense of property isn’t always a valid argument against assault charges. In some cases, though, it is legal to use reasonable force to recover stolen property. Defendants should not try to fight assault charges on their own, especially if they feel that they were entitled to exercise physical force to prevent a burglary or a theft.

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