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Simple Tips for Success: Workout Routines That Work

From big box to boutique gyms, there is a seemingly endless supply of workout routines for women in this day and age of fitness enthusiasts. Of course, every body’s needs are different, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the right approach for your personal health program.

At The MAX, we know that some women enjoy weights and some enjoy water polo, while others spend their morning doing the dishes and the downward dog. Because we know that exercise is a personal endeavor, we endeavor to create an environment where all feel welcome. To that end, we suggest the following when preparing to begin your new and improved fitness regimen:

Set Your Health Goals

Women in particular have a variety of health and fitness goals, and you’ll want to make sure that your exercise regimen is uniquely tailored to both your strengths and objectives. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your overall endurance or perhaps even train for a marathon, everything from the food you eat to the workouts you follow will have a direct impact on whether (and when) you reach your goals. Keep your eyes on the prize, but set smaller, measurable points of progress that serve to boost your motivation as you achieve them.

Get Comfortable

While some women prefer to work out near home, others would rather a fitness center closer to work or their child’s school. Perhaps you’ll have a few different classes per week and switch it up across locales, or go with different groups of friends on different days. No matter where you pay your dues, the most important factor in your choice of facility is the comfort and camaraderie that you feel while there. A lack of self-confidence or feelings of exclusion will never serve your best interest, and it’s okay to find a new gym if your first one doesn’t work out.

No matter where you are on your weight loss (or gain!) journey, The MAX Challenge is here to help. To learn more about our integrated approach of fitness, nutrition, and motivation, contact the premier providers of workout routines for women in Pine Brook, NJ, at THE MAX Challenge of Pine Brook, NJ.



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